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A Birthday Wish For 18 Year Old Josh

So how many of you remember video by some of the best grandparents in the world that sang Happy 18th Birthday Josh.

This video went viral with over 4 million viewers.
Well guess what I have met this wonderful woman on facebook. Just messaging with her on facebook has let me know I want to make that trip to Canada and meet her in person.

It didn’t take too long before I felt like I had known her all my life.

After finding my blog she knew right away we were both from the Mormon Faith.

So there for all you people that didn’t think Mormon’s could have fun. We have proved that thought wrong.

As I visited with her it was a hoot to find out they made this video thinking that only “Josh” would see it.

You know what I know she won’t mind at all if I quote from her blog. She puts it so much better than I will:

“Who would have thought – – – a simple little video we made for our grandson would get so much attention – approaching 300,000 views on our Youtube Channel. Ray William Johnson did a bit about it and that video has had over 4 million views. It’s been seen on ABC News, NBC News, The Comedy Network, CTV, Huffington Post, The Calgary Sun, MSN and tons of other onliine sites, & recently we were a special feature CNN’s Anderson Cooper. We even understand it’s been played on some radio stations in the US.  What a lot of fun we’ve had from this silly little song!”

Come to find out Grandpa Nelson is very talented. She let me to this song that he wrote for her. The thing about this song that really touched me was that he used her in the video. While listening and watching  to it I could tell how much they loved and respected each other. This song is so beautiful that I have listened over and over again. It still brings tears it’s so beautiful. In this day and age it is great to have an example of marriage, love and respect.

Please listen and enjoy as I have.

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