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In Need Of Girlfriend Rescue

It was time to get away in St. George, Utah again. I love to go here especially when it’s cold in Salt Lake.

I’m a big fan of City Deals, Groupons, etc. While on City Deals I encountered one that looked pretty good.

I figured if I can get a $20.00 gift certificate for $10.00. I went in their web page to look at the menu for Basila’s Mediterranean Cafe.

I was excited to find a dining place in  St. George with City Deals.  After looking at the menu I purchased.

Now Dennis claims he doesn’t like this kind of food. But when it comes down to it he always not only eats it but almost licks up the plate.

As soon as we got there Dennis started making remarks like:

Real men don’t eat food like this

I hate this kind of food

Why did you bring me here?

Why didn’t you bring a girlfriend?

Little does he know, I was thinking the same thing. Why didn’t I bring a girlfriend?

In my mind though almost all the other men I know would have loved this. In fact the room was about 50/50 in the men/ women ratio.

I could control a 3 year old toddler better than this!

Being the wife and knowing Dennis better than Dennis knows Dennis I knew when he tried it he would love it!

And looking at the menu he suddenly got excited that there was a Meatball Sub.

Notice the plate from his Meatball Sub. I had to take the picture before he licked up the potatoes too.

He said it was wonderful with the best Red Sauce he has ever had in his life. He’s been around for a few years so that is quite a compliment.

I ordered  Brochette and Gorgonzola Salad.

Now Dennis is giving all kinds of suggestions like why didn’t you get the Chicken Linguine?

I ordered the Chicken Linguine too. I knew he would eat some and also we would have leftovers.

I was able to get a picture of mine before he attracted it.



All of mine was beyond wonderful. The flavors were blended perfectly. I even had leftovers. Giving me the chance to get two meals out of it.

Just as good as that was the service. Very prompt and friendly service.

Being a self proclaimed Food Snob I would say next time you’re in St. George give them a try.

 Basila's Mediterranean Steak & Seafood on Urbanspoon

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