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Testing Zagg Screen With Children

Now as we all know my husband just loves the BUDGET. Especially when it pertains to me. At least that’s what I tell him. In fact the big joke around our house comes from conversations like this:

Dennis: “We” need to go on a budget. “We” should have more money in savings. It doesn’t matter how much money I make it is always gone.

Me as I pull out the checkbook: Here is the checkbook. Show me where I’ve wasted money.

Dennis: Where is it all going then?

Me: Groceries have shy rocketed. You sold the business. Some things we could get through the business, we can no longer do. Gas prices keep going up.

Dennis: Well “We” need to quit buying so many groceries. We waste way to much food.

Me: You do see me using up all the left overs and making different meals out of everything?

Dennis: Yes, you are doing better at that.

Me: I laugh at him now because he realizes his defeat.

I’m sure all of us called to budget know who the reference is to when the term “We” is put in. That is the nice way of saying “you’re out of control, Quit spending so much”.

The good thing about Dennis is that he does realize I’m not out shopping up a storm and spending everything is sight.

After one of these revelations that he receives, he came home with this conversation:

Dennis: I think you need to have an iPad.

Me: (you know the one that spends too much) We don’t have enough in the checking right now, but I do really appreciate it.

Dennis: We have savings and sometimes we just need to get somethings that we want.

Me: Well if you insist!

That’s when you get them in the car before there can be any change of mind.

As we all know Dennis is OCD.

We get the iPad home with instruction to not use it until we can get a protective screen on it. He realizes that I will be having grandchildren using it and can’t stand the fact that there will be scratches on it.

After doing some research we go with Zagg Full Body Screen. From what we have seen on TV there is a free replacement for the life of your device.

By the way I have become very good friends with grandchildren because of this new device.

Some have asked if I’m above buying that love. To which I reply “not at all. I’ll take a grandchild’s love any way I can”.

I do know my way around a computer pretty good. Especailly for a middle aged gal. But I use a PC, so that leaves me somewhat handicapped with a Mac device.

I don’t mind telling you that these grandchildren have figured out more things on this iPad than I ever hope to. I’m even talking about the youngest ones which happen to be 3 year old identical twin boys.

We have heard claim that an iPad can help children with Special Needs. One of the twins do have some Special Needs. I don’t mind telling you that he finds things on this device that I didn’t even know was there.

One problem that this cute little guy has is that he doesn’t really care or like to eat.

Many times to get him to eat we will cause a diversion with the iPad while feeding him at the same time. Before too long he is feeding himself without realizing it.

This always leads to his twin brother “helping”. As you might know as soon as an electronic device is brought out more children come running. I’ve about decided I need at least 2 of these.

Since this is sometimes used as a get to eat device, you can imagine that hands and fingers may have “some” debris on them.


I can’t tell you how happy I am that we have a Zagg Full Body Screen on this.

By the time they get done eating and playing the screen is so filled with food and drink. The good news is he eats most of his food without a fight.

Once done I can clean ipad, faces and hands with no problem.

We’re ready to use it again the next time.

Tell me if you have tried out the Zagg Full Body Screen and how you like it.

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