2005 Honda Civic Project

2005 Honda Civic Project

I bought a 2005 Honda Civic LX 5 speed Manual. I paid roughly $2,879 cash after taxes from a buy here pay here place in one of the worst area’s you can buy a car near my location know as the “Dixie Strip”.

The fact is I knew better than to by here from a purchase I’ve made before involving a 2006 Mazda6 Sport. I test drove this car and it seemed like it ran so darn good. Had quick acceleration, smooth shifting (It was an automatic) and it looked really sporty. I loved the look and feel of this car. So I paid the deposit and the extra care insurance and got it home and just happened to look and saw oil in the antifreeze and it was blowing blue smoke. Now mind you, I had just checked the fluids at the dealer, so this tells me they had changed the fluids just before the test drive. So to all that’s comes across this post, take this tip and always check your fluids after the test drive and never before! Anyways, I immediately call them and they basically tell me I am stuck with this car and at this point even have an attitude towards me. The person even tried telling me to not bring the car back (Even though they said I couldn’t) and to call the extra insurance business which was bought and paid for as an extra service (now I know why they pushed it) and explain to them that the problem happened while I was driving it. Though that’s after he tells me to wait a week. Basically, they wanted me to commit insurance fraud on their behalf. I hangup that phone with the most anger I’ve had in my entire life.

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